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The dining room is a gravitational point of the flat — its center; it reflects all the habits of owners and introduces them to the society. Especially when we are talking about a studio.

Residential property on Manhattan is pretty expensive thus small flats are popular. But no matter the size — dwellers want to live in comfort. We have faced such projects in Russia lot of times — so we give stress to utility.

We removed the lintel and placed a dining table just in front of the TV panel — owners can enjoy food and beverages and game of Rangers simultaneously besides there is a great view of the Lower Manhattan.

A sofa and cushions underline a spirit of comfort and coziness. We weaved an interesting platting of art-deco and soft colors, added gold and glitter to emphasize quality of life and of course aspirations and perspectives of NYC tenants.

The initial design project in the Big Apple caused bit of trepidation — how to satisfy the tempted American customer, what to offer? We noticed that NYC, especially central boroughs prefer art-deco and luxury attributes — soft colors, molding, inlays and gold.

Dima Prasolov
Describes work

Dima Prasolov,
a designer