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Cool restaurant in a short time and with moderate budget? Yeap, it's quiet possible, if you love what you do. Welcome to Gorod N!


To Make Loft Style Restaurant In Short Time


Moscow, Russia


5,780 sq. ft.

Project started and ended



Dima Prasolov, Ivan Kovalenko

Design project

17,000 $


152,335 $

The basic of the classical loft was ideally put into the 5 800 ft. double-storey area. An interior contains all the style attributes – walls siding of the old bricks, wooden panels on columns and ceiling, metal net on rails and other places, soft colors of the furniture.

Part of the concept was the space zoning with the furniture and décor elements.


An important role was given to the miscellaneous stuff, which seemed like we had found in an attic just yesterday.

Dima Prasolov, a designer

Thus a hookah area differs from the stage one, seats in the main hall are not similar to those near the windows.

On the second floor we placed a little stage and an installation-cellar next to it: whisky barrels and the wine shelves.

The loft style for a restaurant is pretty tolerable to such an attribute, emphasizing comfortable and friendly atmosphere.


Even the lighting complied with a style – Edison retro-bulbs were installed in the genuine lamps and chandeliers.

Dima Prasolov, a designer

It leads to a good mood of the guests and increase profit.

On a ground floor we blurred the industrial shapes with the living plants that perfectly freshened and softened the interior.

This is the pass through area, presenting the idea and comfort from the threshold.

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