House with a musical saloon

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This project always reminds us about the interesting and comprehensive approach. There were some difficulties during an approval process too. In such moments the important part of the work is to patiently search the appropriate solution for every room, proposing the options of different styles and space utilization.

The customer had quite the rigorous requirements to the interior, which were acceptable considering the big family would live there whole year round. And every member of the family has its own habits, hobbies and tastes that must be satisfied.
Every room in the house is unique and perfectly reflects its purpose and owners. The most interesting place is a musical saloon — both daughters of the customer played the instruments, one of which studied in the theatrical university. The room will always be filled with the mesmerizing sounds of the rehearsals and family evenings performances.

Almost every square foot is usable. For example — ceiling of the customer’s bedroom is pretty high thus we proposed to make the second stage over the bathroom where would be a library. And the attic area’s purpose is comfortable work, games and rest.

Dima Prasolov
Describes work

Dima Prasolov,
a designer