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Place of coziness and inspiration when everything you need is here


To create cozy and inspiring atmosphere for a woman — writer


Saint-Petersburg, Russia


810 sq. ft.

Project started and ended

12/20/2016 — 03/01/2017


Dima Prasolov, Timofeev Peter

Design project

5,500 $


60,000 $


Take the road of a yellow brick and I will show more!

Dima, a designer

Peculiarities of apartment’s layout gave an unusual form to the kitchen with the brass mirrors rock on its side.

The design turned to be very elegant and light. I added the geometric forms and glitter of art-deco to neoclassic and mixed white and beige colors with gold. Now we move to the bedroom!

The bedroom is filled with soft light and keeps you warm whatever the season. Don't you think it is good to have a choice ? - elegant wood or a bit sophisticated style.

The next door is a wardrobe. Mode of client’s life gave a chance to create a wardrobe of a dream in the separate room with a window.


Never thought the design and furnishing could be so great – now I have a new plot.

Liza, a customer

And what about the bathroom? It is combined with a laundry and finished with a marble.

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